Advanced Shooting Class


Has your player hit a plateau in their finishing?

 1A Senior Shooting Class is designed to work with a player on improving their finishing with different surfaces, e.g.  laces, inside of the foot and outside of the foot.

 The player will also work on shooting off the dribble, finishing with the laces and inside of the foot, bending balls and hitting volleys out of the air. Here is how...

 The coaches will challenge the players with state-of-art exercises that will present different angles, 1v1 situations and shots the players have to master.

 Come and join us for this fun, dynamic class. This class is a player and coach favorite! We look forward to working with your player at 1A.

Date Time Price

Every Friday…………6 - 7 pm……………$30.00

4 pack: $108

8 pack: $216

12 pack: $306

If you have further questions, please email us at or call us at 512-358-6597. To book, please use our interactive calendar by following the links below.

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