Chris Brown

Owner/Head Trainer


Hi, I am Chris Brown – Owner/head coach of 1A Soccer private training

I have been working in the soccer industry for 20+ years now as

either a club coach, private soccer trainer and ODP coach. I have worked with all the age groups and genders as well recreational, select and academy soccer.

Soccer training is my passion- I have put together this program along with my staff to help young players reach their potential as soccer players...

The 1A trainers will guide young players in learning the skills that will make them more technical soccer players. 

"The players brings the right attitude and enthusiasm and we provide the training and extra motivation." 

The trainers will use state of the art exercises (we are always studying the latest youth soccer training methods), repetition, good instruction (how to and why), making practice fun as well as teaching players how to self train.

This combination will help the players build the confidence to use their skills in practice and games.  The 1A staff believes that...


“Soccer training is my passion, and my goal is to help these young player, no matter their skill level, increase their abilities, develop their confidence and reach their potential as soccer players.”

If you have further questions, please email us at or call us at 512-358-6597. To book, please use our interactive calendar by following the links below.

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