Individual Lessons


Is your young player struggling with soccer skills and confidence?


1A individual sessions work to really hone in and improve your player’s soccer skills and build their confidence.

 1A offers individual soccer training packages of 4 or 8 lessons which are designed to help players train with an experienced trainer in an hour long session to improve in 1v1 skills.

Additionally, we offer hour and half training sessions (U15 and above), and game analysis for players playing at D1 or higher level.


The sessions will include dribbling and turning, passing, volleys, juggling shielding, first touch, agility and shooting. That's not all...


We will set small challenges for the players to master, like improving foot work, 1v1 moves and juggling. Best of all...


Players will not only get the "how" but the "why" behind learning these skills from a trainer that will help guide, teach, and motivate the young soccer player. We will also stress to the player why practicing on their own is beneficial.

If you have further questions, please email us at or call us at 512-358-6597. To book, please use our interactive calendar by following the links below.

Book An Individual or Group session (Coach Chris)

Book an Individual Session foot skills (Coach Mary)

Book An Individual Goalkeeper session (Coach Kevin)

Book An Individual Goal Keeper Session (Coach Mary)

***We reserve the right to train an individual using our top training area, or our bottom field***