Junior Shooting Class


Is your player struggling to strike the soccer ball with pace and power?

 1A Junior Shooting Class begins with the foundation of the instep drive or laces strike. Here is how it works...

 Players must learn to keep the toe down and ankle locked, and place the plant foot in the right place.

 Learning to strike a ball with the proper timing and technique requires lots of practice. In short...

 Once the players have the instep drive down, they can work into more creative shots, e.g.  shooting off the dribble, finishing with the inside of the foot or bending a ball.

 This class is a coach and kid favorite! We look forward to working with your young player at 1A.


Date Times Price

Every Friday………5 - 6 pm……$30/session

4 pack: $108

8 pack: $216

12 Pack: $306

If you have further questions, please email us at chris@1asoccer.com or call us at 512-358-6597. To book, please use our interactive calendar by following the links below.

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